Biomarker Discovery for Global Health

Welcome to DxDiscovery

DxDiscovery develops disruptive diagnostics that will change the practice of medicine. Current diagnostics are reactive – a patient is sick and diagnostics tell us what is wrong. DxDiscovery will produce diagnostics that are proactive – tests that monitor for disease before symptoms occur. This goal can be accomplished if the cost of diagnostics is very low and the time to a result is very short.

Our approach is detection of biomarkers of disease – molecules that are produced by microbes, tumors or other conditions that are unique to the disease or condition. The test platform is an immunoassay in which antibodies are used for biomarker detection. We discover the biomarkers and develop the antibodies that are central to assay construction.

In many cases the antibodies developed for diagnostics target molecules that are present on the surface of microbes.   Therefore, we are currently exploring the potential of a number of these antibodies to be used as immunotherapeutics.

A spin-off company located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno, DxDiscovery translates discoveries made in the University of Nevada School of Medicine into patient solutions.